Dancing in the Rain

The summer has finally arrived in Northern India. In a matter of days, the weather has turned tables. The earth has begun to scorch and heart has begun to race towards ice-cream parlors and trucks. Spring vanished as soon as it arrived and though the leaves on trees still bear marks of it, the sun has certainly begun to spread its nets and catch wilted leaves.

It is natural to crave for something which is beyond our reach. So now that summer is preparing to attack with its full force, I have begun to crave for rains. This evening I was standing in my balcony to breathe in the evening air when I suddenly had a glimpse of a similar evening from past, except that it was raining then. The splash of raindrops over the noise of the ongoing traffic had exhilarated my heart.

Today I longed for that feeling, that same jubilant feeling from watching rain soaking cars, trees, stray dogs and pedestrians all alike. And with the longing also returned another feeling – a desire to dance in rain.

Have you ever danced in rain? I have, once, a long time ago and to tell the truth there are very few pleasures equal to dancing in rain. Why I miss it? It’s not easy to explain. All I can say is I haven’t found anything more liberating or soothing. In those early days of youth, when the world was still a wonderful mystery and the heart had not been corrupted by the troubles of adulthood, while dancing in rain I discovered why peacocks dance when they see dark clouds ready to shower tiny droplets. And I still believe that peacocks dance in the rain because they know it is the moment of happiness, the moment of exhilaration and that there won’t be anything more soothing than the rain of the moment.

Alas! the rains are months away and like the peacocks in the park opposite my apartment, my heart too has begun to cry for rain. And this time when the rain comes I won’t ask rain to go away like Little johnny because unlike him I don’t want to play but dance in rain.


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