Silence is such an intriguing word. I have been repeating it for the last ten minutes in my head. Why? I was at a loss what to write and decided to be quiet and think and that is when silence prevailed. But is it truly complete in all sense. I can’t say because though everything is quiet my mind is still working t words.

How much do we know about silence? Are there any types of silence and if yes what are they? How does silence look like? People say silence is louder than words. If yes, then how does it sound? Such stupid questions and yet very vital. Isn’t that how we define everything, by answering such questions. But can we define silence in a similar way? Some may say that silence is absence of noise or any kind of sound. But is is possible? Are we ever alone to achieve that state of complete noiselessness?

I think not. We are never alone. We have our minds and hearts and souls to answer to. When everything else is quiet we often find ourselves in conversation with our heart and mind, and their voice is louder than any sound in the world.

So silence can not be absence of sound because it is only when everything is quiet do we discover sounds that we had never heard before or had learned to ignore in time like the beating of our heart or rustling of leaves in the backyard or the swishing of wind at night.

It is in silence that we achieve a harmony with the world around us. It is good to practice a few moments of silence and meditation everyday because there is nothing pleasanter than a harmonious relationship with the nature and self.



  1. There is nothing new. Its our eternal search. Darshan is equivalent of philosophy. There is one system in Sanskrit known as sadhutwa. We go to the root of the word. It reveals the essence of the word. Drishyate, darshati anen va iti darshanah. Meaning in Hindi- jiske dwara ya jo dikhta hai, vahi darshan shastra hai.

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