Little Puppies!

Little Puppies

Black and white

Gold and brown

Wagging their tails

About the town.IMG_20150204_123733

Little Puppies

Wet noses

Stuck in air

Their little bodies

Running bare.

Little Puppies

Look at  their faces

And tiny feet

Such innocent creatures

You won’t meet.IMG-20150325-WA0000

Little Puppies

See the one?

Tugging your jeans

‘Take me home’

That’s what it means.

Little Puppies

Just pick one

And make your pet

I bet this decision

You won’t regret.

Little puppies

They will be your friend

For their whole life

And won’t leave you alone

In a problem or strife.

Little Puppies

But you must always Remember

To be kind to them

‘Coz they are god’s child

And they are god’s gem.10295032_1506553402932424_2654469178777076084_o

Little Puppies

Be like a father

And an affectionate mother

Be their comrade

And an able leader,

Little Puppies.

They need love

And they need care

This word of advice

You must always adhere.1455963_10201869034047213_852232767523604049_n

Little Puppies

Are a treasure to keep

In health or in sickness

Cherish in heart deep.

Little Puppies.


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