“My Choice”

That moment when you feel yourself a fool because the entertainment website where you first saw Deepika Padukone’s video accompanied with glorious description on how the video empowers women, begins circulating another article to show that the said video is not empowering at all.

I have seen the video, shared it on social media and felt happy because there was this woman who said things very few women have dared to say aloud. And trust me after watching the video I didn’t just remember if there was this bit about having sex out of marriage. Hell yes she did say that but the video was not just about extramarital affairs, it was about choices for women. Don’t we all know that in our society it is often thought ok for men to have sex out of marriage once in a while and if  the man decides to stay committed, women are often told that they are lucky because the man had a choice. So here’s a woman who says that women have a choice too. In our country women are seen as sexless creatures and women who assert their sexuality are called whores, prostitutes and all kinds of names. So here is a woman who says that women too have choices when it comes to sex.

I saw many people cribbing about the video being produced by Vogue and how Vogue was a company which made Oprah lose weight in order to feature on the cover of the magazine. May be they did and may be now they won’t. Don’t people change? Why can’t organizations change? A whole country changed. We all know America’s history with racism but today they have Mr. Obama as their president.

Recently there has been a wave of feminist videos, articles and other cultural productions in media. And what I hate about it is the guts of media to manipulate the situation. So one day you may have a particular image trending because “Oh! it empowers women” and next day the same thing is being termed outrageous. You keep everyone happy – feminists, anti-feminists and everyone in between. What no one understands is that it has created a divide. I can go as far as to say that it’s the new “Divide and Rule” policy.

Feminism as I have come to understand it, is equal rights for women, men and transgenders irrespective of nation, class, race, sexual orientation or any artificial category that has been created to divide people. Feminism is about everyone having equal choice. Feminism is about creating a world where men can look after the house and women can repair cars without being told that it’s unnatural.

The video, Deepika’s video or Vogue’s video, call it what you may like, is about choices. The video just spells out that women have choices too. I would have loved it more if they had included men and transgenders too. But maybe they would do a separate video for them.

Now the last question is should one watch the video or not? Watch it and read the counterpoint too because it will add perspective. But for god’s sake don’t jump to conclusions and start bashing a celebrity. You can’t say which viewpoint is correct which is not. The only thing in our power is not to be victims of consumerism. On this note I still wish you to take a look at both the views and have some food for thought for today.

Deepika’s Vogue’s Video

The counterpoint argument


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