It’s Raining Again!

It’s raining again

And my heart has begun to leap

like toads in a pond

And it has begun to dance

like crabs in the sand.

Swaying trees and gushing wind

And tiny drops of rain

All my vitality and youth

In this moment I regain.

My body shrinks

All my wrinkles are gone

I search for grey strands

And I find none.

Wandering in the fields

I am a little girl again

Inhaling the fragrance of flowers

And dancing in the rain.

I leap from stone to stone

And jump in  water pools

My heart elates with joy

As rain soothes my soul.

I forget all pain and misery

And ride high on clouds

And feeling like a maiden

I wear rain’s shroud.

I go up and up and up

And transition to a virgin bride

I say my vows to Zeus

And stand by his side.

I am content here

But I miss the rain

So I run back to earth

And be a little girl again.



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