A Stray Dog

I saw a stray dog

Wandering on cool concrete road

Wagging its tail

To unknown faces

Waiting for the one

Who may take pity

And offer some biscuits

Or even some leftovers

From last night party.

Its large brown eyes

Passing from face to face

Stopped over mine.

May be he recognized a friend

From long go

Or he saw  reflection

Of his own melancholy.

Quickly almost galloping

He came over to me.

I stretched my hand

And patted its back

And called him a good boy

And rubbed his neck.

Oh! what a bliss he found

With closed eyes he stood

Still, in one place

His tail fanning the air around

Showing complacency and obedience.

And then it was time to go

I climbed in my car

He tried to follow me

But a door was between us.

The engine came to life

He raised his eyes.

I averted my gaze, afraid

And soon I was racing like others

And he was again

Wagging its tail

To unknown faces.



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