Conversation between Man and Child

O’ father of man,

O’ pretty child

How are you untamed

And run amock wild?

Doesn’t this misery around

Bother you like us,

Don’t you wish  to run

Away from this fuss?

I see you swinging

And laughing with the air

How do you stay unaffected

How do you not care?

Isn’t dread and tension

A part of your life?

Don’t you feel pain

And don’t you fear strife?

O’ Big man

Hear me clearly,

I do have problems

And I do feel misery.

I am not unaffected

I am not divine

Troubles and problems

Are equally mine.

I cry in pain

And I feel cheated

I am also hurt

And I also feel betrayed.

But unlike you

I don’t dwell on past

I forgive easily

And I move on fast

My pleasures are simple

And I love the rain

Unlike you O’ man

I don’t think about gain.

I feel happy

When wind touches my face

And I am content

With my wild butterfly chase.

I wouldn’t wish to change it

Not even for a dime.

Excuse me now, Sir

I don’t have much time.

There’ s so much to do

And so much to find.

To the beauty of life

Don’t turn blind.

Once upon a time,

You were just like me

Riding on wind

On an Adventurous spree.

But today you remain

Tied to superficial pleasures

To satisfy your greed

You go to supreme measures.

I say leave this all behind

And make friends with nature

You will forget all your worries

And find immense treasure.

Now put on your helmets

And strap your armors

We are out to fight

A hundred brutal soldiers.

Don’t be so serious

Stop worrying honey

What has man ever got

Running after money?

Lets play in the sun

And touch the wind,

It’s the only way

To soothe your mind.



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