It hurts like snake poison

Mixed with crushing weight

Of the icy mountains of north.

To have loved and been betrayed

Is the worst of afflictions.

You ask me how did I not smell this

I want to laugh and say

“Well, I had a runny nose!”

But the truth is far painful

To let me even smile,

All that happens is wrinkles around my eyes

And my parched lips

That have not touched a drop of water

For the fear of dying of thirst.

Was it really necessary?

To break a heart that lay at your feet

Beating every second when you breathe.

The magnanimity of it all amazes me

And fills me with wonder

At my own naivety

But others tell me its not

They say it’s my inability

To see and accept the truth.

They tell me you were like this

All along, and that I had been hurting

All along for days and nights.

It’s over now, no point in dwelling

They say to have loved and lost

Is better than to have never loved at all

But I would trade it willingly

This stinging pain of betrayal

For those sunny days of freedom.


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