A Writer’s Many Problems

The problems of a writer is manifold. Those who think that a writer’s life is of idleness and wistfulness. You are wrong Sirs! A writers life is of much difficulty and hardships. If you wish an easy life become a lawyer or a doctor or a grocer or an army man or anything else but never become a writer. You ask me why? Well! easy and writer don’t go hand in hand.

To begin with, a difficulty every writer faces is an illusive mind which works incessantly when you are strolling or going to sleep or doing something else and stops the instant you spot a pen and a paper. It has no dearth of ideas but it refuses to yield to ink and paper.

This is not the end. Even if you grab an idea and decide to write you still have the battle between tea and coffee left.

And even though you somehow wriggle out of this difficulty you still have Mr. Nosey-neighbour who would always ring the bell the moment you begin writing. And what would you do about his continuous requests to immortalize him in one of his stories. Ah! and don’t forget Mrs. Looney-aunty who has pronounced you a huge failure in life, incapable of ever getting married.

And if this isn’t enough, then you have a mind which keeps looking for a pleasant change in weather and turn you into a thinker rather than a writer.

It isn’t easy Sir! But a writer is the most hardworking creature God ever made. So despite all his/her difficulties he/she writes and takes you along on winding paths where you might forget your own worries.

P.S. No offence meant to anyone and in all due sincerity I respect all professions and believe that every profession is equally tough and demands hard work, and a job is only easy when the person doing it loves it.


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