It starts with cramps

And a cluelessness

About our own bodies.

The blood spurting out

Is a sign of our vitality

But sometimes it takes

A whole lifetime

Before we realize

It’s not wrong to be menstruating.

But we are all too –

Busy with the riddles

Our own body throws at us

The cramps, the backaches

The stinging pain in thighs

These all become

A ritual for us.

Afraid when it happens

Scared when it doesn’t

It’s already too much

To deal with every month

Without your added taboos.

We are already confused

So don’t say that

The pickle will rot

Or the temple will be desecrated.

Instead tell us it’s normal

Because it is

Instead tell us we are strong

Because we are.

It starts with cramps

Let it end on smile.


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