Memories of A Rainy Day

It’s raining yet again. A cool, breezy end to an otherwise hot, sultry noon. It started with a few startled lightnings in the night sky, a mighty thunderous announcement and then a slow dance of rain. The meeting of raindrops with the silent earth sent shivers through the trees and a mystical fragrance of soil rose from the earth. All this brought back floods of pleasant memories.

Memories of being one of the few students who went to school on a rainy day and played dumb charades because the teacher couldn’t teach just a few of us. Memories of deep fried pakodas that mother served as a special treat on a rainy day. Memories of cycling in the rain with friends and taking the longest route home from school. Memories of dancing in rain on the hostel rooftop, carefree, unaffected by prying eyes. Memories of cups of hot tea and heart to heart talk with best friend and my soul sister.

Funny how rain transports us back in time. It washes away the dust  on our memories and brings alive cherished moments from our past. It takes us on a ride on the memory lane, shows us a slideshow of beautiful moments that need to be recalled more often.

Can I ever tire of my love for rain? No, never. All the love in the world combined can not equal my love for rain. It has a relationship with my soul, deep and stirring.




  1. Loved the imagery you created in the first few lines. The trees shivering and the mystical fragrance of soil rising from the earth, felt as if I was witnessing it right now 🙂 The memories of deep fried pakodas, hot tea and cycling were so relatable and so beautifully written. A lovely read indeed 🙂

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