A Lover’s Note

The wind rises again

And brings messages

Of an old, forgotten lover;

Whispering in my ear

Sweet nothings and idle love songs

It comes from a far city

Where my love stands

Leaning on a timber balcony

Deep in thoughts

About her monotonous daily life

And just like that

A thought flashes about me.

She smiles at the thought

And the cunning thief

Steals it for me.

And when the wind is howling

I believe she is angry.

The wind steals her anger

And showers me with

Useless bickering and rantings

Of its own device.

And when the wind is silent

I believe she is sleeping

Dreaming of a life with me

And the wind steals her dreams

to keep me awake all night.



  1. I thought no one could catch the wind but in this poem you’ve done it wonderfully in it’s many moods. I’m writing a true life story about a forgotten lover surfacing suddenly after decades and loved the idea of “…idle love songs.”….”the cunning thief”. I’m enjoying your writings immensely -sometimes unable to write a comment but rest assured I read them and appreciate your content and regularity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sunil ji 🙂 Your appreciation and kind words always infuses new energy. And I am glad to know that you read my writings. It’s like finally finding a familiar face in the crowd of strangers.
      You are truly an inspiration for me with your energy and vitality. And to get appreciation from you is really a big deal for me.


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