A Father’s Love

I picked my pen

To write a few lines

About the love

A father has

For his daughter.

But can it be

Captured in just words –

The silent smiles

When the little girl

Giggled at his funny nose

Or the hearty laughter

When she cried frantically

At his familiar face

Hidden behind a beard

OR his elation

When she first

Walked at him with tiny open arms.

No, words can’t be enough

To capture the beauty of –

A father’s love

For his daughter.

It’s there in his heart

When he sternly says no

To some irrational demand

And then silently brings

Bars of her favorite candy

To make amends.

It’s there in his heart

When she stomps her feet

And shuts the door

In wild, unjustified rage

And he patiently slips

Little notes of truce

Under her door.

It’s always there

Even when she isn’t

a girl anymore

But a woman with wings

And the horizon

as her dream.

A fater’s love

Is always there

For his little girl

Not to capture in words

But to keep in heart

Locked with her own

Bundles of love.




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