Everyday I repeat my life,

From watering the plants

To cooking, cleaning

And scrubbing the floors.

From listening, nodding

To keeping quiet

And doing all my chores.

Everyday I repeat my life.

I long for another dawn

Where I might find

A different life,

A differing horizon.

My words and voice

And peace for soul

Living in the night for ages

I long for dawn.

What place is this?

Where a half of the whole

Is beaten into silence

To repeat life.

Is made to feel

Worthlessness, despair

Rotting in darkness

What place is this?

I will have it no more

This constant fear

Of being trodden down

By other’s words.

Of being told

That I am unnatural

Mistakenly born

I will have it no more.

I will repeat life

But only on my terms

And not on others bidding

Or their doing.

I will create a new world

With new dawn and words

Without limits and scriptures

I will repeat life.


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