First Date

The first day we met

There was no lovely breeze;

Just hot humid Delhi

And a few chattering pigeons

On the footpath witnessing

Two awkward teenagers

Unable to speak a word.

It wasn’t our first date

But It’s the first date

I remember and keep in  heart

Enclosed in a satin case

Tied with a red ribbon.

We were young

Ready to make mistakes

And ready to fall in love

But an awkward silence

Hung between us

Like an invisible curtain

Holding us back

From saying those poetical lines

We had each learnt by heart

The day before.

“A Kitten” was what you said

And I saw a little kitty

Hiding under a stone chair

Afraid of the traffic.

You took her in your arms

And stroke her head

She rested on your chest

And slept peacefully

And in that moment I knew

You were the one.

It’s as absurd it gets

But that is when I fell for you

My shining Knight of Kittens.


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