Indian Marriage

Staring at the henna covered hands

She sits dreaming of her new life

Shyly answering the teasing friends

About the perks of being a wife.

Her mother comes to embrace

With open arms and tear filled eyes

To hug her little princess

Before she bids her goodbyes.

The father stands at the pandal

Bidding guests customary welcome

And his heart goes back to his girl

Who will leave in the time to come.

The brothers hide their tears

And busy themselves in preparation

Nothing in the world

Could ease the pain of separation.

The guests sit chattering

In the decorated hall

But none seems to know

What the family feels.

To let go of their dearest

The apple of their eyes

To follow this old custom

Their heart denies.

But some one in the crowd

Doesn’t forget to remind

All daughters need to go

By the rules you have to abide.

The bride clad in red

Sits in her room crying

Though the new life attracts her

But a part of her is dying.

Why the daughter always goes

Leaving her loved ones behind?

Why she has to leave her identity

And all her rights are denied?

For ages women asked questions

In the silence of their cognition

But no one cared to reply

And went on with the tradition.



  1. Effortlessly written. It is a very good point that you raise. Getting married shouldn’t mean that you, as a woman, have to forget about your family’s existence. Ignore what “others” say or want and do things your way! For your and your family’s sake, is what I say.

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  2. Yeah there should be a new tradition,after marriage both may live in thier own places,meet sometimes,love,hang around and go back to own houses,:)


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