A Free Bird

Staring through the iron gates

The captive bird eyed the sky

A longing rising in her

To break the chains and fly.

She looked around for help

But none came to her aid.

The cage is her destiny

Is all everyone said.

But she knew in her heart

The sky was not just illusion

And she continued to dream

In her forced seclusion.

Bravery pays off

And so does work hard

So she began to fight

Her cage and her guard.

Her feathers were light

But had a will of iron.

She wasn’t ready to give up

And subdue her desire.

She began to sing loudly

Songs of a lost freedom

Her voice grew louder

And shook the captor’s kingdom.

People began to notice

And question the bird’s plight.

Gradually opinions grew

In favor of her flight.

The captor grew restless

At his defeat so sudden

But was forced to give up

At the increasing burden.

The cage was opened

And the bird was freed

It wasn’t a lone victory

But of all her creed.

She took a deep breath

And began a new song.

Opened her wings and went

Where the winds took along.

The crowds cheered and clapped

Till the song could be heard.

A little speck in the sky

Was the little free bird.


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