New Dawn

The old days are slowly decaying

Leaving a stinking smell and presence

Of old ideas that were once embossed in gold

But are now faded in the sharp light

Of laser sabers and neon signboards.

The new dawn comes after a long waiting

Through the night which slowly ate away

Dreams of a better world and society.

And now we welcome the new day

With stagnant desires and crumpled hopes.

In our quest we forgot the beauty of Utopia

Is in its distance and unachievability.

We forgot that replacements are just other things

Never better, but only other things with other face.

We live like two-faced snakes,

Not biting with both ends

But never moving in any direction

Being pulled back by our own self.

This is the new era, the new dawn

That is new only in theory

But is as old as the decaying old ideas.


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