‘Tis the Monsoon Season

If there is anything that is better than rain, it’s getting drenched in rain. When tiny droplets fall on our skin and drench our spirit, it’s a feeling that beats every other pleasure in the world.

I got drenched in rain today after a very long time. It felt like I was trapped and the drops had been sent from heaven to relieve my soul. All the stress, all the troubles seemed to be washing off in the rain water.

Rain water is said to be the purest form of natural water. Well, no guesses there! Something that is so relieving, something that soothes soul, got to be the purest form available.

Anyways, it’s monsoon season in India and I am going to get plenty of more chances to frolic in rain. Wherever you all are, you should enjoy rains too. You might like to enjoy it curled up in bed, reading a thriller or going for a long drive away from the noise of the city. Whichever way appeals to you, enjoy rain, don’t say no to it You will discover something new, something fresh about yourself. Happy Monsoon!!!


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