Rakshabandhan and A Million Memories

It’s one festival which gives me goosebumps every year wherever I am. Rakshabandhan is a celebration of the bond between a brother and sister. However, the significance of the thread of rakhi goes beyond the relationship of a brother and sister. It’s about protecting the one you love.

In the modern times, with things and perspective changing I see a lot of people berating this festival citing the reason that it’s detrimental to the empowerment of women. Women don’t need protection. Well, women certainly don’t need protection but to berate a festival in the name of blind feminism is wrong. Don’t discard a festival, discard wrong ideas.

If your son thinks that your daughter is weak and needs protection, then discard that idea. Teach your sons that their sisters aren’t weak. But don’t discourage a festival whose foundation is the love between a brother and a sister. Tell your children that it’s a festival which promotes the love between siblings, cousins. Heck even a brother can tie rakhi to a brother or sister because that is what it is and should be about.

I remember as a kid I would eagerly wait for Rakshabandhan because it meant wearing same kind of clothes for me and my younger sister. I remember the smug look on my brother’s face when we would do aarti. I remember the sweets and the special food that would be prepared for the occasion. It was never about me or my sister being weak. It was always a day when we all brothers and sisters felt special. It was supposed to be our day and it still is our day. Every year me and my sister post rakhis to our brothers who equally eagerly wait for their rakhis. On the day of Rakshabandhan it’s a series of phone calls, confirmation on whatsapp that everyone tied their rakhis and then extortion of gifts. It is our special day and I don’t wish any feminist agenda attached to it. If brought up right, a brother never thinks his sister to be weak.


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