5 Best Books for Children to Develop Reading Habit

Reading is a habit which almost every parent wants to inculcate in their children. But with all the technological advancements and launch of a new video game every other day, children seem to care less and less about books. To inspire children to read, here I have picked up a few books which are known to keeps kids on their toes and will eventually lead to a reading habit.

  1. Anne of Green Gables –  Anne of the Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery is a popular children’s novel. Though it’s set in a past time, the book is sure to delight young children. Anne the protagonist is a thoughtful and yet reckless child, someone every child will relate to. The story is beautiful and teaches some essential human values like kindness, forgiveness, friendship and gratitude. Following the popularity of this book, Montgomery wrote a few more to continue the story of Ann Shirley. They are equally captivating and will delight a young mind.

anne of green

2. Little Lord Fauntleroy – Little Lord Fauntleroy is a wonderful book about a small boy by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I read it in my Post-Graduation as part of a project and even then could not control my laughter. The novel is a beautiful depiction of the innocence of a young child. Little Fauntleroy is a delightful child, loved by everyone for his kind and considerate nature. The novel inspired a fad for formal dresses for children among the American Middle Class. Burnett went on to write other famous novels like The Secret Garden and A Little Princess.


3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – The first in a series of seven novels, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone introduces the reader to the world of Hogwarts and magic. J.K. Rowling has weaved an amazing tale which would leave a young child to want more. When I first read the novel I could not put it down and once I was finished with it I wanted more. Even now it holds a special charm for people who choose to read it. Harry Potter series is not just high on magic and fantasy it also evokes bravery, kindness and the value of friendship. What could be better than a series of seven books to help a child garner the habit of reading.


4. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – The first in the series of Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, this novel introduces a young reader to the enchanting world of Narnia and the warrior Lion Aslan. As a young child follow the adventures of Pevensie siblings, he/she learns the value of courage, loyalty, truthfulness and kindness. There are seven novels in  the Narnia series and are bound to make a child go on a reading spree.


5. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland – Which young child would’t identify with Alice who goes down a rabbit hole and finds a new and different world where animals talk and things are not what they are in real world. Every young child wonders about fantastic things and this book is sure to get them rolling. A whole world of fantastic events and creatures, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is a treat for young readers.



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