Books that I have read twice!

I wanted to write an elaborate post on the year that was and the year that will be, but I hardly got time. So for one of the first blog (Technically I have already made the first post for 2016) posts in 2016 I decided to share some of the delights which are the books I have read more than once.


  1. HARRY POTTER SERIES – Well, it’s obvious. The Harry Potter Series had to be the first one on my list. I haven’t read them just more than once. I have read all seven books like seven or eight times. The story never gets old. I have cried, felt empty and all sorts of emotional turmoil. In fact over the years, I have realised that my propensity to cry at even a nominal incident in the books (tell you what, there aren’t any nominal  events so to say)has increased. P&P.jpeg
  2. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE – My list would be incomplete without an Austen book in the list. i have read this one three, may be four times. And can you ever grow tired of Elizabeth and Darcy. You read it and you know why the novel is called a classic. It’s this book which actually raised my interest for Victorian novels. oliver twist.jpg
  3. OLIVER TWIST – I read it for the first time when I was in school and next I read it when I was in college. Well, first of all its a Dickens book so obviously it has a fantastic story to tell, with obviously multiple layers. I loved the rags to riches theme but what I adored more was the way Oliver Twist lays bare the hypocrisy of Victorian Society. Dickens was a master storyteller and Oliver Twist is an example of his genius.                                                                                             great expectations
  4. GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Didn’t I tell earlier, that I have an affinity for Victorian Literature. And did I tell you I love Dickens? So Great Expectations! I have read this once thrice. Amazing novel and still amazing story. The all-consuming destructive love Pip has for Stella has stayed with me all these years. Miss Havisham is an intriguing character and the convict Magwitch is a dear old benefactor. This novel too, like all Dickens novel makes a commentary on the social system.     emma.jpg
  5. EMMA – Even though I read Pride and Prejudice first, Emma remains my favorite novel by Jane Austen. I love Emma and at some level I can even relate to her. Don’t we all just want to set up our cute little friend with a nice, good looking guy. I love the fiery spirit of Emma, the heroine, and how she fumbles and stumbles in her goodnatured adventures.the-alchemist.jpg
  6. THE ALCHEMIST – Again one of my favorite books. I have read it thrice just for the sake of reliving the story. Its a fantastic story about taking journeys to fulfill dreams. The book is full of wisdom and  wonderful quotes that stays with you. I particularly liked one which has remained in my memory.

    “Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”  wuthering-heights-book-cover.jpg

  7. WUTHERING HEIGHTS – Wuthering Heights is a masterpiece by Emily Bronte. The book has gothic elements and mingled with them is a destructive love story between Heathcliff and Catherine. Their love destroys many lives and make it a tragedy but you have to hand it to Emily Bronte to make you love and hate Catherine and Heathcliff.                                                                                                                   anne of green gables.jpg
  8. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES – Anne of Green gables is my childhood guilty pleasure. And there isn’t a character that I have identified with more than Anne. I think Anne of Green Gables is one book that every parent should give their child to read.                                                              kite runner.jpg
  9. The Kite Runner – An amazing, amazing, story about two young boys and their lives in war torn Afghanistan. This one has made me cry buckets but I still braved reading it twice. It’s an intense  coming of age story which teaches the value of friendship and how much it matters to stand up for those who love you. This book introduced me to the struggles of people in Afghanistan and opened my eyes to the fate of people who live in war struck countries.

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