Beautiful World, Beautiful Life


10854913_10200324397669701_385304303352542569_o.jpgWhat used to be just a Photo Gallery on my blog earlier, has now been renamed to Beautiful World, Beautiful LifeThe question is why?

Well, because I had created this particular section to share the photographs of all beautiful things that I come across everyday. Now the fact is that I am not a very good photographer, for that matter I do not have much interest in photography either. And yes, I do not have interest in taking selfies too.

So why the hell not scrape the whole section. No, because my brother happens to be a very good photographer and captures some truly amazing pictures of bounties that nature has to offer to the world. So from now on this space will be dedicated to my Brother’s amazing photography prowess. I will share some of his beautiful captures in this space.

Below is a short bio of my brother and links where you can follow him.

A short Bio:

Name : Sunnu Setu

Interests: Sports, traveling, photography (duh), reading

Follow him on Twitter.



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