Gift Ideas for Book Nerds


Gifting comes naturally to some but to many it’s a tedious task and when it comes to gifting something to a friend who is head over heels in love with books and reading, most of us are left clueless. So, coming from a book nerd, here are some tried and tested gifting ideas for Book Nerds.

  1. Books – No point for guessing. Yes, books. Spending time with them you might already have an idea about their favorite genre or their favorite author. Gift them a book in their favorite genre or by their favorite author or both and see them smile. Bonus points if you manage to gift an author signed copy. Buy Books here, here and here.
  2. Bookmarks – Well, the second natural gift will be cute and highly appreciated bookmarks. You know your book nerd friend has many books but you don’t know that they need as many bookmarks too. Buy some creative and amazing bookmarks here and here.
  3. T-Shirt – Gift them a customized T-Shirt with a design inspired from their favorite books or characters. You can use one of their favorite quotes or their favorite character. You can get customized T-Shirts here and here.
  4. Phone Covers –  For your iPhone loving book nerd, buy a customized book cover with their favorite quote from their favorite book. Buy customized Phone Covers here and here.
  5. Clip Lights – You know your book lover friend likes to read till the wee hours in the morning. So why not help them and gift them a clip light which allows them to calmly crawl in their reading corner and read without disturbing anyone lese in the house! Buy Clip Lights here
  6. Book Shelves – The book nerd in your life will not stop thanking you. The one problem which is persistent in a book lover’s life is they never have enough space to keep their books. So do them a favor and instead of buying that useless decorative statue for their birthday buy them some useful book shelves. Buy some interesting Book Shelves here and here.
  7. Coffee Mugs – You already know that your book lover friend shares an almost unhealthy relationship with coffee. So why not support them and win their love. Buy some interesting coffee mugs here.
  8. Cake – Well, if its a gifting occasion then there’s no reason to not have a cake. Order one for them with a bookish design and see the delight on their face. For design ideas visit this website.

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