Dinner and Social Media don’t go together!

I have my dinner while scrolling down my Facebook feed and so do millions of other Facebook users. Today, I suddenly realized that I was missing out on the pleasure of having a warm meal at the end of the day. While I took the first few bites I did not once realize how my meal tasted. I just went scrolling down Facebook, reading meaningless posts like thousand others.

woman looking at Facebook in office

(Image Source here)

It’s funny how we have just assumed that Facebook is an important part of our life. It isn’t! What exactly is so out-worldly about it? Nothing. It doesn’t offer something new to us. And yet we all are slave to it. Let’s be honest, how many important conversations have we missed because we were too engrossed in checking out the newly uploaded album of a long forgotten acquaintance who went on a vacation recently. About 10 years ago we wouldn’t have given a single damn about who went where. But now our lives have become constrained by filters put on us by Social Media. It is suddenly very important to be social media appropriate.

Social Media has begun to direct our lives. Now most of us take vacations because everyone in our friend-list is doing so. Suddenly the pressure to look good, be fit, have an Instagram worthy closet is driving people crazy. It might be a coincidence but the number of people affected by depression is rising by about 20% every year. (Source : this website)

Social Media began with the aim to make the world a smaller place and help people feel more connected but all it has done is make people feel lonelier. Everyone is alienated. No one is connected in any way except may we in their race to be a social media celebrity.

Life is much more than Facebook posts, 140 characters and Instagram filters. It’s waiting for all of us down the corner, in the childish games we used to play once, in the hot meals we loved to devour at the end of a long day, in the rain which once used to be an opportunity to get dirty in mud. We all need to put aside our smartphones for a while and listen to the music of life which we have turned a deaf ear to. Life looks more beautiful without the filters of smartphone cameras.

It will take time, but we all really need to constrict our social media presence and focus more on our real life presence. Irony is I would still be posting this article on social media. But hey I just made a decision to not use any form of Social Media on Sundays and will devote my time to knowing the world around me. Do share what you might want to do to curb your social media affliction!



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