10 Literary Love Quotes for your Valentine

It’s Valentines Day on the corner and you might already be sorted about what to gift your beloved. But for the less fortunate, grab a card and express your love with these immortal quotes from literature which reflect on the essence of Love.

1396768_10200324402029810_1715378835453096015_o (1)
image : https://500px.com/setusunnu
image : https://500px.com/setusunnu
Autumn or fall background
image : freeimages.co.uk
Deserted scenic tropical beach
image : freeimages.co.uk
Lush rolling green English countryside
image : freeimages.co.uk
Kinder Scout
image : freeimages.co.uk
Misty Morning
image : freeimages.co.uk

sea-landscape-mountains-nature pexel1pexel

Autumn bracken on a forest floor
image: freeimages.co.uk

Some of the images are courtesy freeimagesuksmall.gif


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