A Poem for My Mother

Mother, I was always Daddy’s little girl

And you were happy the way it was

Smiling serenely when I said I loved daddy more

And saying silently in your heart

That you loved me more.

You saw happily how I danced around daddy

For bringing me the best dress ever

And soaked in how beautiful I looked

In your choice of a particular pink.

You were strict and stern

‘Coz you wanted me to grow up strong.

And strong I grew up to be

But not as strong as you.

I see when you hold back your tears

Every time I say goodbye at the train station

I know the thousand fears you fight back

To smile at me, waving your hands

Walking alongside the train

Which slowly picks up speed

Only to see your girl for a second longer

And hold that image in your heart

Until I return again, to your nest

Your little duckling, to rest under your wings.

I don’t visit, not as often as you wish

But you still wait for the day

When I would finally return.

I will return one day

For your love is stronger

Than anything the world has offered

Till then I want you to know

I love you mother,

Not more than daddy,

But never less than him.





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