Do you know?

Do you feel the tinge of losing hope?

Do you know that feeling when one gives up,

Or that point when people sink to the ground

Helpless, desperate, weak and tired,

After knowing, learning that fate’s a bitch

And that it wins all the time.

Do you know that all cleverly laid plans are led astray

And that every beautiful home

Often turns to ruins.

Well, if you know then you must also know

That every storm ends and brings with it clear sky,

When the sun shines more brightly

And when the old and decayed, graciously

Make way for the new and the rejuvenated.

And you must also know that fate

However bitchy it may be

Can never shake up a foundation put with faith

And that hope is not a temporary feeling.

Every curve has a low and a high

And that is what makes it beautiful.

So cry and feel desperate

Lose hope and curse fate

But do not stay on the ground

Because this storm will end

And the new world which will emerge

Will need a new you.

So cry all you want but strengthen your core.

Rise like a Phoenix and give the world a new hope

With your sweet song of old and new world.




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