We are not often as thankful as we ought to be. I look around and all I see bunch of people complaining about one or other things. This is the state of world now.

When I  woke up today I had totally forgotten that it was today, an year ago when I began my blog. I had decided to be grateful last night and I duly prayed to God for all the good things I had been bestowed with in my life and I intend to continue this practice. It helps to realize that we are not so miserable after all.


Gratitude is something which not only gratifies others but it gratifies us too. A truly felt gratitude is something which touches upon the soul and helps it shake off the weariness of everyday life. So be thankful that you are alive. Be thankful that you can feel hope an d faith and happiness and love. Be thankful that the world around you is pulsing with life, revealing new wonders everyday. Never think that you are alone in your suffering because you are not. Be thankful that there’s someone out there who has gone through the same ordeal and can feel your pain and then move on and help those around you to move on too. Be thankful that being a human you have the power to get hurt and retain the pain inside your heart and then move on as a changed person.

gratitude 2

I am thankful for every good and bad thing which has happened in my life because it made me what I am and I would never have a life which is anyway different from what I have today.


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