War and Peace


What is the use of talking now

Of power of love

And the importance of kindness

When you were the first to

Drop bombs and tear families apart.

You killed and then mourned

But never stopped your spree.

You say things have changed now

Perhaps they have.

Perhaps the big malls and

the shiny cities you built

Hide the ashes of a ruined city

But the wails of children

Still pierce the nights

And the blood dripping through borders

Still soak up sheets in million homes.

Can you turn a blind eye

And preach peace to the rows of graves

’cause the people you see

Are not people anymore,

Only skin hanging over bones

And brains filled with chants

Of useless fanaticism.

No don’t talk about the power of love

Not you atleast.

You don’t understand love.

Love is not when you build cities

With shiny fluorescent lights,

But when you hold the ashes of ruined cities

And feel hearts beating beneath.




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