A Return To Home

(Wrote this poem 2 years ago for an online competition. Original link at the end.)

Image courtesy: http://kingofwallpapers.com/
Walking through these dark alleys
A hundred memories flood my mind
A moment of quiet and repose
Is all I wish to find.
Mornings scented with prayers
And evenings scattered with play
Little nests of sparrows and pigeons
Raw mangoes and houses of clay.
All these and much more
Make for me a colourful past
That I can remember in solitude
Floating in memories that I hold fast.
When the mornings arrive
Reality taps at my humble door
But my heart aches to return
And live those moments some more.
Not everyone gets the privilege
To live in the lap of luxury
But hardly anyone knows
The pain and hidden misery.
The sparkling glasses of Champagne
And different tastes of wine
Large and shiny chandeliers
And uncut diamonds that shine.
I live amidst a world
Full of artificial smiles
Fashionable people with furs
And talks of contemporary styles.
Hidden beneath this shiny layer
Is a tale of despair and dejection
A hundred miles of solitary journey
And a life of fake affection.
As we grow up and move in life
Simple pleasures are replaced
By hundred secrets and lies
And faces that are displaced.
And then we begin to long for
Our nests and beloved homeland
Walking through a barren desert
We search for oasis in sand.
Some bitter truths of life
And some harsh realities after
We realise the value of simplicity
And our bubbles of ego shatter.
We again begin to discover
The beauty of a simple life
That money is all illusion
And only brings strife.
Spring water sparkles more
Than most expensive jewels
And in simplest of homes
Tranquility and peace dwells.
The raw mangoes stolen
From a neighbour’s garden
Taste much better than
Expensive imported champagne.
Before it’s too late
Before all this vanishes
Let’s return back to that paradise
Which our heart so cherishes.
Originally Published at Salis Online


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