When You Are Scared To Love Again


You know what it feels like

When you are scared to love again?

Well, I will tell you.

It is no longer the twisty feeling

Of thousand butterflies in your stomach

It’s more like that moment

When someone punches you in the gut

And knocks you over

And you lie there on the ground waiting for the sky to somehow turn into earth

Scared to get up lest your legs fail you.

It’s that feeling when you are parched

And your throat is burning with thirst

But you are afraid to drink the glass of water in front of you

Lest it turns out to be a glass of neat whiskey.

You don’t drink it because you have been there before

And you know how it burned your throat last time

And left you intoxicated, hallucinating.

Of all the things love can be,

It can be your demon too.

But you won’t know, not unless you are scared to love again.


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