An Anxious Girl’s Week

635995475588190071553263656_odyssey article picture

I am writing today
Writing today to let you know
that I am doing fine
For three days in a row.
I have had my share of trouble
But don’t you worry
I have learnt to look past the rubble
And not feel sorry.
The war-zone in my head
Has not troubled me for a week
And I am doing good at work
Not once called in sick.
I still feel paranoid though
In an elevator full of people
But I have learnt to pretend
And I am doing really well.
I still have problem falling asleep
And I spend time watching the ceiling
But I have not had a nightmare
So that is a good feeling.
I am kind of pretty okay
But I still miss your voice.
Thanks for listening though
And blocking out the noise.
I am hoping this time
To carry on the streak
Not give in to the dark memories
And be normal for a week.






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