Words and Silence

Picture Courtesy: https://theconsciousprocess.files.wordpress.com/

I wasn’t looking for anything

For I was blinded by my own tears,

And so when life passed by in a carriage

I just knelt down to pray.

I brought my hands together

and looked up but could not see

For there were still residue from my past

At the corner of my eyes.

I looked down trying to remember again

The words I had been taught

The words I so gaily recited in front of an idol

Every festival and sundays and holidays

With vermilion marking a sun on my forehead.

I still have the red on my face

But I can’t say if it’s blood or just color

And I can’t remember words.

So I just sit down on the pavement,

Silent, forsaken and distorted.

They say you live with your own thoughts.

I have none, because I don’t remember the words.




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