Best Friends

Shruti picked up the phone after the third ring.

“Hey, where you sleeping?”

“Yeah. what’s up?” asked Shruti in a sleepy voice.

“I can’t feel my pulse.” said the voice on the other end.

“Babe, are you alright? What did you do?” Shruti was jolted out of her sleep.

“I am fine. I just can’t feel my pulse. I have been trying to feel my pulse for an hour and I can’t feel it. Shruti, I don’t know if I am alive.” said the other voice sounding more anxious and urgent.

“Hey…listen to me…you are talking to me right now. You are alive…”




“And you have always sucked at finding your pulse, so no reason to worry there.” Shruti said, finally feeling relieved.

“Kriti…what happened?” Shruti knew her best friend too well. She knew that Kriti would never call her at the dead of the night only to tell her that she could not find her pulse. It was something else.

“Rahul broke up with me.”

“Ohh…what did that jerk say now?” Shruti could feel her voice rising. She realized she had to check herself before she would wake Deepak up.

“He said he could not feel the love anymore and broke it off. Why does this keep happening to me?” Kritika said in a defeated voice.

“You are a jerk magnet.” Shruti said, mentally recalling all the times she had told Kritika to call it off with her now ex-boyfriend and Kritika had not listened to her.

There was silence for some time. Both women were busy thinking, mostly recalling all the times they had argued about Rahul with each other.

“Are you there?” Kritika said finally.

“Yes…yes… I am here. Listen…ahh…you know what I will say. He is not worth it. He was never worth it.”

“I know…I know…But all of this makes me feel there’s something wrong with me. You are so lucky, you hit the jackpot in your first try. Where did I go wrong?” Kritika said in a small voice, and Shruti could feel the pain even thousand miles away.

“There are somethings wrong with you but you are better than all of the guys you have dated so far. Those were jerks. They had no idea who you are and they are intimidated by you.”

“You are saying all of this just to make me feel better.”

“Nooo…Weirdo.” Deepak stirred in his sleep and Shruti realized that she had just raised her voice again. She brought her voice down to a whisper. “You are too amazing and what’s wrong with you is that you don’t know how amazing you are. The day you realize your own awesomeness, you would stop falling for these jerks.” Shruti could never understand why Kritika always saw herself in such poor light.

There was silence again.

“Kriti, you there??? So you know Deepak’s friend Kabir, he is single. You want me to give your number to him?” Shruti asked.

A laughter ringed on the other end.

“I just broke up…”

“So what…Move on…And Kabir is thousand times better than all your jerk exes.”

“I want to get drunk.”

“Get drunk with Kabir.”

“Stop it…Hey…listen…”


“You stay on the line, I will check my pulse again. I want to feel that I am alive.”

“Okay. I am here.” Shruti said in a whisper.

The line went silent on Kritika’s end. Shruti waited anxiously.

“Hey, Shruti I can feel it now. I can feel my pulse. I love you so much.”

“Love you too…Now let me sleep and I will call you in the morning.”

“Now, I hate you.”





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