Stabbing of the heart and it’s characteristics

Have you been stabbed, like ever? Me neither. Chances are hardly anyone we know has been stabbed. Let’s rephrase the question. Have you ever been stabbed in the heart? I have. Chances are you have been stabbed too and many people you know have been stabbed in the heart too.  The stabbings of heart are not the usual kind and yet are most common. It can happen in any circumstance. But the most common occurrence is when someone you love from the deepest corner of your heart, tells you that they don’t love you back or worse they love someone else. What do you do? You can’t run to the nearest emergency medical facility! You can’t resort even to first aid. It just keeps on hurting and you just keep on bleeding. Until one day, when the bleeding stops and you think the wound is healed and you go about your life like nothing ever happened. That the world was still where it was. But then one day it rains and with the cold shower, the wounds on your heart become sore again and you are in pain again. No one sees the pain. You see, one very common characteristic of this stabbing is, even though you have been stabbed and you are in pain you will have a perfectly painted smile on your face.





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