About the Author


I love to write and The Broken Inkpot is a manifestation of my desire to write and express my thoughts.

As for my dreams I want to write novels, read as many books as I can in my lifetime and travel.

I love cooking and talking 😉

An ideal life for me would be at a remote hillside cottage with the largest library in the world at my disposal and an inventory full of tasty delicacies.

My books are my prized possession and I am scarily possessive about them. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have always had a soft corner for fantasy, folklore and fairy tales, that makes me a huge Once Upon A Time fan too.

I love music and feel that music is the soul of the universe, binding people together.

I am in love with the hills and love to visit new places and feel the diversity of the world. I also like to visit historical monuments and it always fills me with awe to know the history of a place, not the documented history but the people’s history.

Well that’s just me. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy your sojourn here.

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