The Broken Inkpot

Welcome to The Broken Inkpot

It’s been more than a year since I started The Broken Inkpot. I wouldn’t lie that it was a well thought-out move. It was one of my whims but it turned out to be one of those whims which you do not abandon. This blog has been a constant companion and has been kind of a chronological record of my development as an individual and a writer.

In the beginning I had intended it to be a general blog about books, literature and movies. But over the time it just became a personal space for me. More than a blog, now it is one of those little windows which I have opened for the world to peep through in my life.

As a writer I feel it is an obligation to share my thoughts and experiences with the world because everyone around us struggles to know that they are not alone. And there’s no better way to let people know that you share in their experiences than literature.

That’s the beauty and ugliness, both, of existence, that everyone is unique and yet alike. While the likeness may render one common, the uniqueness leaves one with loneliness. Literature and art strives to bring a balance between the two. So here I am trying to do my bit with The Broken Inkpot.

There’s a lot to explore here like Poems, Short Stories, Film Reviews, Book Reviews and Other Articles. Go ahead and explore to your heart’s content and drop a comment about what you liked.





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